Zacharias Smith (zach_sfh) wrote in steadfast_heart,
Zacharias Smith

Year 4 Quidditch Tryouts - Hufflepuff

Zach balanced casually on his broom as he surveyed the crowd jockeying for position on the pitch. It was mostly fourth and fifth years, with a smattering of third years and one or two sixth and seventh. He had his eye on a few people in particular, and he noted with saitisfaction that they showed up. One person wasn't there, however. At least not that he could see, and he frowned before shaking off the thought that crossed his mind. What had he expected anyway? He looked over at Cedric who was hovering near their keeper at the far end. The three of them were the only ones left from the old team. And next year it would just be him. He needed a good team that would last the next few years till he left. That meant fifth years and below. He have Cedric the thumbs up sign and heard his friend bellow goodnaturedly as he flew down above those assembled below.

"Allright, we'll have the chaser candidates first. We have a couple of quaffles and I'm going to divide you into two teams. Zach will be going around trying to judge your defensive capabilities and your offense. Meanwhile, I'll be trying out the beaters at the other end of the pitch. You folks ready?"
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