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Let the games begin

Let the games begin
"I'm sorry, mate, about my mother. Seems she's been forgetting I'm not eight anymore. I haven't gotten lost since then and it was really only the one time."

Justin looks over at me and grins. I could see him behind my parents this morning, grinning like a cheshire cat as they admonished me about checking in at the appropriate times and asking for help if I couldn't find my way back to the campsite. Embarrassing doesn't even begin to cover how I felt. Now, though, I jab him in the side with my elbow.

"Don't worry about it. My mum gave me a lecture on always staying with a group of people if I could. I think she's more afraid that I'll do something stupid and get in trouble. Like she has to worry. You and I are perfect angels."

Now it's my turn to snort. "Yeah, angels. Right. Just what I was thinking."

There are more people here everyday. My family, with our normal number plus all the friends and others who we invited, have been here for the last two days. So far, we haven't seen anyone else we know from school but it's still early days yet. Just as I start to say something about seeing anyone we know, I catch a glimpse of someone that looks familiar.
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