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Goodbyes at the train

In no time at all, I got my trunk packed and ready to take down to the front door. I get up to leave the others in the room, talking and joking with each other as they prepare to go home once again, and head down to the common room. She's going to expect me to help her with her trunk. I grin, thinking about how much grief she'd give me if I wasn't around to see her out.

"Where are you going, Macmillan? Don't you have to finish packing?" Wayne asks as I head past him.

"I've got to go--"

"He's got to make sure he's around when she starts to crack her whip," snorts Justin.

I quip back, "Jealous, are you?" He throws a pillow toward me, pretending it's a joke between us but I know he's smarting right now. It doesn't mean I'm going to let him off for giving me trouble about my new girl. "I told her I'd help her move her trunk. Go find your own girl to help move."

With a smirk over my shoulder, I walk out the door.
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