Lisa Renee Turpin (lisa_sfh) wrote in steadfast_heart,
Lisa Renee Turpin

Quidditch Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor

The game is going badly, and even my usual ebullient cheering seems to have no affect whatsoever other than to make Mandy roll her eyes. At least at this game we're sitting together, and to my amusement, we managed to convince Ernie and Wayne to sit with us. Padma came, although she's unusually quiet, sitting with Terry behind us. I don't know where Justin is, probably on the Puff side, but all I know is that yesterday after class, Padma came back to the room in tears and would only tell us that he wouldn't speak to her.


The thought makes me look over at Wayne. He's different though, I can't imagine him purposely not talking. Even though he's quiet, he knows when to speak his mind. Ernie can't quite meet Padma's eyes, as if he knows something, but Mandy and he have their heads bent together instead of watchig the game. Probably plotting something.

I'm interrupted by a groan from my own stands, and I look up to see the Weasley twins belt Roger with a bludger. I sigh and bury my face in Wayne's cloak. "Tell me when it's over."
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