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It had been two days and she had only seen him twice. Yes, she admitted to herself, she was looking for him. Each time he'd been surrounded by others so she had smiled and moved on, knowing she would look for a chance in Herbology to talk to him.

"Did you hear what happened?" Perry asked her as she came up beside him on the walk to the greenhouse.

"About what? I've been in the library all morning long."

"Draco's been crowing about Nicholas finally getting his due. Seems the boy went too far this time and said something he shouldn't have."

She rolled her eyes. "Did he fight his own battle this time?"

"Of course not. One of the goons did it for him, as always."

Suddenly, the story wasn't so funny anymore. The delicate balance of her position made her reluctant to stand up for Greg. It was very possible that Vincent had been the one to draw blood on Draco’s behalf.

As soon as she walked in the greenhouse, though, she saw that she had been right to worry. Draco stood in his corner, surrounded by well-wishers which included Vincent but not Greg. “Cover for me,” she hissed, pulling her homework out of her bag and handing it to Perry. “Please?”

He nodded. “You owe me one, though. Sprout’s going to want to know where you are.”

“Tell her I had an owl from home. I’ll make it believable, don’t worry. You’re intelligent enough to figure out a good cover story.”

It didn’t take long to make it back to her room where she stuffed a couple of apples in her pockets and emptied out her bag of all her school work. “Come on, Drix. We’re going looking for Greg.”

Just as she figured, she found him out in the courtyard, hunched against the wall. The blood from the other boy was still covering his hand. She pulled out her wand and cleaned them up before mending the torn knuckles. They had obviously come in contact with some teeth at some point in the scuffle. Next, she lifted his chin and looked for any other wounds.

"I see it was rather one-sided. Doesn't look like he had much chance to defend himself." That settled, she sat down next to him and pulled out an apple, handing it to him. "It sounded like you didn't make it to lunch."
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