Gregory Goyle (goyle_sfh) wrote in steadfast_heart,
Gregory Goyle

Dinner Hour

The large plate of roast lamb and mashed potatoes would normally have kept his full attention, but tonight Goyle couldn't think about food. It was a shame, because it smelled bloody fantastic, but tonight he was distracted with the thought of the letter from home. His father's words had been cool and unemotional with the news about his grandmother, but he knew that inside he was being torn apart. His Nana was as close to him and his little sister as their own mother would have been, and the news that she had a stroke the night before hurt more than he thought possible. It wouldn't do for anyone to know he was upset, of course, and he had long since learned to keep his emotions and thoughts, or even the fact that he had thoughts, to himself. Life was easier in Slytherin house if people thought he was all brawn and no brains. Funny that no one ever asked to see his grades. He'd gotten along by following Malfoy's lead, just like his father had told him to, but tonight he couldn't really care.

When Malfoy finished and stood up, already asking some of the Durmstrang students to the Common Room for an evening's entertainment, Crabbe and Pansy followed his lead. Goyle, however, remained where he was, shoving his food around with his fork.

"What's the matter with you tonight, Goyle?" Draco asked, his voice dipping viciously. "Off your feed? I didn't know that happened to animals like you."

He wanted nothing more than to slam that pointy little face into the table. His face, however, was expressionless. "Go ahead without me, just got a little stomach trouble. Ate too many sweets this afternoon."

"Well what did you expect?" the other boy sneered. He shook his head but appeared to accept the excuse. He made a few more derogatory comments before leaving with a swirl of his robes, his entourage drifting after him.

Goyle breathed a sigh and his shoulders slumped a little for the first time that day. The Slytherin table was mostly empty now, as were the other tables. Here and there he could see students from other houses socializing in the after dinner hour, but he welcomed the thought that he could escape the castle long enough to pull himself together. He left his food and stood up, not looking where he was going, and began making his way to the double doors.
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