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Two Houses Both Alike In Dignity

Thursday, January 13, 2005

6:54PM - Saturday activities

Morag blew a wisp of hair out of her face and flexed her neck muscles. The lavitory was gleaming where she had taken a sponge and good old fasioned elbow grease to it. Stupid dreams! Stupid imagination! Even now, twelve hours after she woke up (for the final time) she could still see the pictures clearly. They were so clear and vivid that they had pushed every other story out of the way.

In order to push THEM out of the way, she had decided to go the route her mother would have approved of. Hard work never killed anyone, even if it did make a mess of her hair and favorite shirt.

"Bugger!" she muttered harshly, for the love of the word. It really was her favorite word not allowed in her house. "Bugger, bugger, bugger. This is not helping." Throwing down the rag, she got stiffly to her feet and stretched out her back.

It was this situation, definitely. Coming here had opened her eyes to just how different she and Greg were. It took her blinders off and showed her what he was really up against. The stuff at school was all fun and games. This was real life. She no longer wanted to cry about the situation. Now she wanted to do something about it and she was bound to this room. All her frustration was being burned off by cleaning but this wasn't helping.

She walked over to the tray that had held breakfast and poured a glass of water. This wasn't helping because she wasn't just frustrated about not being able to help Greg and Sabrina. She was frustrated because she was seeing a side of Greg that made her feel things that she had never felt before. Oh, she recognized them. Had even written about them before. In her mind, she kept seeing the scene as she had dreamt it and she knew exactly how she would put it on paper. Not putting it on paper was the biggest torture for her. Until she did SOMETHING with this, she was going to be bound by it.

Right now, she was terrified to have him walk through the door. With any luck, he would be gone for the rest of the day with either Sabrina, his grandmother or his father. If the gods were watching out for her, he would stay away until she figured out how to subdue the urge she had to rip his clothes off and do things she had only written about.

Current mood: aggravated

12:43AM - Presents

He spun the light catcher around as he sat by the window in his dorm room. It had been a stupid purchase, but he had still put it with his other things on the counter. Now, weeks later, he wondered why he had bought it. Surely he wouldn't really send it to her. Sometimes he thought yes but then he talked himself out of it.

This simple piece of wire and glass reminded him of her. It seemed to suit her - at least, as he remembered her. Grabbing a piece of parchment before he could talk himself of out it again, he wrote a note:

Dear Padma,
I saw this the other day in Hogsmeade and thought of you. Please accept this gift in the spirit it was intended - as a simple gesture of friendship and apology.

He sat his quill down in frustration and took a lap around the empty room. That he would even think of asking for forgiveness made him ill. She deserved more than just words. How could he expect her to forget what an idiot he had been...was still being? Terry had said that he was wrong in his assumptions and he could believe it. Look how wrong he had been about Susan, although he felt a little better knowing that he had been right about Tracy. After she sicced the hulking Goyle on him, even Ernie was starting to admit that he had been completely wrong about her. Justin rubbed the sore knuckles and smiled as he remembered the look on the othe boys face when he had gotten to the scene with Wayne. The two of them had ended the fight before it started to go downhill and Ernie had only needed one of Madame Pomfrey's potions.

"Concentrate on the task at hand," he growled, picking up the quill once again, dipping it into the ink with care.

I don't deserve your friendship after the way I acted but please let my apology help smooth out some of the wrong I've done. I miss you.

He pulled out his wand and wiped out that last sentence. Too much. It was true but he didn't want to scare her off. Everyday, it was becoming both easier and harder to live without her. Too many times he was spending time up here by himself or out on the Quidditch pitch instead of being around people like he knew he should.

I hope this makes you smile when you see it. For some reason, it reminded me of you when I saw it.


The wand came back out even though he paused before erasing it, savoring the look of the word. No, he didn't deserve her love. Not anymore. Not after the way he acted.

Your friend,

He erased that too, finally just signing JFF.

Before he lost his nerve, he folded the paper over the small gift and ran to the owlery, virtually ignoring everyone he saw. The owl he chose looked at him distainfully when he gave it the directions, but flew off before he could think twice.

There. It was done. He walked back to his chair by the window and contemplated Quidditch moves.

Current mood: anxious

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

7:59PM - Heading Home

By the time the weekend rolled around, Greg still hadn't heard any news from his father. He'd heard back from Sabrina on Wednesday. Her letter, with it's painfully formed, childish letters, made him retreat to the lavatory for an hour at lunch, and when he came out he saw her waiting for him outside. She looked at him long enough for him to nod before he hurried across to where Draco was leaving class. The night before he'd written his father an owl telling him he wanted to come home for the weekend, in case he needed him. The next morning he received a short note from his father saying that would probably be a good idea and that he would send a carraige at noon.

He clenched his hand tightly as he read the owl, his eyebrows drawing over his eyes as he focused on the words. Beside him, Malfoy elbowed him and snickered. "What, Goyle, need someone to read that for you?"

The note crumpled in his hand as he stood without speaking, leaving his breakfast unfinished on his plate. As he headed off, he heard Malfoy behind him. "What'd I say?"

He went up to Professor Snape, who was eating at the Head Table and showed him the note. "I suppose this excuses you for the afternoon, Goyle, but I expect you to return by Monday, unless I receive further news, and you will be in my class this morning," his head of house said.

"Of course, sir," he replied, nodding and waiting to be dismissed. On the way out he passed by her.

She sat at the far end of the Ravenclaw table by the door, far enough that he could see her but not worry about them seeing her. When he passed, he tripped over her bag, long enough to slip the crumpled note inside. It would explain his absence to her. He didn't dare risk any other communication. The Slytherins would be suspicious enough about his absence, even though he would tell them the truth.

By the time potions class was done, he only had a few minutes to pack a bag and take a few of his books to study on the long carriage ride to the manor.

"So where are you going again," Vince asked, leaning in their doorway and munching on a sandwich.

"Home," he said. "My grandmother's dying."

"Oh." Crabbe didn't seem to know what to say. "Well. Tell your sister I said hi," he said finally. Greg nodded and brushed by his friend. He made his way through the common room with his eyes alert, and got to the front doors of the castle without incident. He stepped onto the path down to the front gates and froze when he saw someone dart out of the shadows.

"Morag," he said, looking around. "You shouldn't be here."

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

6:14PM - Unbroken

It had been two days and she had only seen him twice. Yes, she admitted to herself, she was looking for him. Each time he'd been surrounded by others so she had smiled and moved on, knowing she would look for a chance in Herbology to talk to him.

"Did you hear what happened?" Perry asked her as she came up beside him on the walk to the greenhouse.

"About what? I've been in the library all morning long."

"Draco's been crowing about Nicholas finally getting his due. Seems the boy went too far this time and said something he shouldn't have."

She rolled her eyes. "Did he fight his own battle this time?"

"Of course not. One of the goons did it for him, as always."

Suddenly, the story wasn't so funny anymore. The delicate balance of her position made her reluctant to stand up for Greg. It was very possible that Vincent had been the one to draw blood on Draco’s behalf.

As soon as she walked in the greenhouse, though, she saw that she had been right to worry. Draco stood in his corner, surrounded by well-wishers which included Vincent but not Greg. “Cover for me,” she hissed, pulling her homework out of her bag and handing it to Perry. “Please?”

He nodded. “You owe me one, though. Sprout’s going to want to know where you are.”

“Tell her I had an owl from home. I’ll make it believable, don’t worry. You’re intelligent enough to figure out a good cover story.”

It didn’t take long to make it back to her room where she stuffed a couple of apples in her pockets and emptied out her bag of all her school work. “Come on, Drix. We’re going looking for Greg.”

Just as she figured, she found him out in the courtyard, hunched against the wall. The blood from the other boy was still covering his hand. She pulled out her wand and cleaned them up before mending the torn knuckles. They had obviously come in contact with some teeth at some point in the scuffle. Next, she lifted his chin and looked for any other wounds.

"I see it was rather one-sided. Doesn't look like he had much chance to defend himself." That settled, she sat down next to him and pulled out an apple, handing it to him. "It sounded like you didn't make it to lunch."

Current mood: peaceful

Monday, January 10, 2005

9:06PM - Not on the Radar

Megan put her head on her crossed arms and watched the Quidditch boys walk out of Great Hall. A week and nothing. She was more invisible now than she had ever been. The only people who knew she was alive were Lisa, Wayne and Terry. Her world had shrunk down to three people. Technically, it had grown by three people but it felt smaller. Of course, if she wasn't moping she would tell herself that she had gained three FRIENDS who were interested in her. Right now, she just wanted to feel sorry for herself. Tonight had been the first night she had gone all out. Accesssories and everything! Nothing.

Before she could really convince herself that she was less than nothing, Terry walked up and sat across from her. "Your nose is red."

"So? I feel like having a red nose right now. Leave me alone."

"I can't do that. I have a surprise for you that you're going to enjoy but I need you to stop making your nose red."

She sat up and looked over at her friend, trying to figure out what he was talking about. "I'm confused. If this is a new magazine with yet another thing I should buy, I'm going to have to pass. Nothing is working. I mean, I have more than enough stuff and I don't need anything else."

Current mood: crappy

8:26PM - Dinner Hour

The large plate of roast lamb and mashed potatoes would normally have kept his full attention, but tonight Goyle couldn't think about food. It was a shame, because it smelled bloody fantastic, but tonight he was distracted with the thought of the letter from home. His father's words had been cool and unemotional with the news about his grandmother, but he knew that inside he was being torn apart. His Nana was as close to him and his little sister as their own mother would have been, and the news that she had a stroke the night before hurt more than he thought possible. It wouldn't do for anyone to know he was upset, of course, and he had long since learned to keep his emotions and thoughts, or even the fact that he had thoughts, to himself. Life was easier in Slytherin house if people thought he was all brawn and no brains. Funny that no one ever asked to see his grades. He'd gotten along by following Malfoy's lead, just like his father had told him to, but tonight he couldn't really care.

When Malfoy finished and stood up, already asking some of the Durmstrang students to the Common Room for an evening's entertainment, Crabbe and Pansy followed his lead. Goyle, however, remained where he was, shoving his food around with his fork.

"What's the matter with you tonight, Goyle?" Draco asked, his voice dipping viciously. "Off your feed? I didn't know that happened to animals like you."

He wanted nothing more than to slam that pointy little face into the table. His face, however, was expressionless. "Go ahead without me, just got a little stomach trouble. Ate too many sweets this afternoon."

"Well what did you expect?" the other boy sneered. He shook his head but appeared to accept the excuse. He made a few more derogatory comments before leaving with a swirl of his robes, his entourage drifting after him.

Goyle breathed a sigh and his shoulders slumped a little for the first time that day. The Slytherin table was mostly empty now, as were the other tables. Here and there he could see students from other houses socializing in the after dinner hour, but he welcomed the thought that he could escape the castle long enough to pull himself together. He left his food and stood up, not looking where he was going, and began making his way to the double doors.

Sunday, January 9, 2005

6:34PM - Who says you can't have it all?

He thought something was odd when he went to kiss her and she turned around to talk to Parvati. Maybe she hadn't seen him, although he had thought he was pretty hard to miss these days. He had gotten a new hair cut, thanks to Megan and her bewitched scissors, and a couple of jerseys like the other Quidditch players. Now he felt like a true Quidditch player and not just the hanger-on he had been in the past.

When he tried again, she smiled coolly at him but let him put his arm around her waist. Parvati walked on the other side of him, talking excitedly about the outfit she was hoping to purchase. Lavender was somewhere, laughing. He could hear her.

"We're just waiting for Justin and then we can go," he said during one of Parvati's breaks for breath.

"Are we really?" Tracey asked. "Could he just catch up with us on the way?"

"Um, sure," he mumbled, hoping that Justin didn't mind. Reaching forward, he opened the door and ushered them through to the hallway.

"Not going to wait for me?" Justin asked from the stairway as the portrait started to close.

Ernie pushed it back open and walked back through. "Hurry up and get your jacket and you can walk with us."

"No thanks," he growled. "I'll find someone else so I don't get in the way of your new group of harpies."

"Don't insult my girlfriend!"

Justin just looked at him with that exasperated look he got sometimes and slung his jacket over his shoulder. "If you don't see the truth, I'm not going to tell you straight out. Figure it out for yourself."

Current mood: confused

Saturday, January 8, 2005

2:34PM - Looking outside

Megan walked restlessly around her room. There wasn't much place to pace but she was doing the best with what she had. It was clear to her that things needed to change. She had been at Hogwarts for three years already, doing the same things over and over again. If she was honest with herself, she was going nowhere fast.

"I need a project," she said forcefully, "something to keep my hands and mind busy. I need something different."

Grabbing her robe and bookbag, she decided to do something she had been meaning to do for awhile. It wasn't a project so much as a way of expanding her horizons. Sure enough, he was right where she had seen him last Saturday, quietly hidden in an alcove with a stack of books.

"Hi. Can I sit here with you?"

Terry looked up quickly and swallowed. "Sure."

She could tell he was just being nice and didn't really want her here but she was resolved to make a new friend with someone who seemed like they could use one. She let the silence drag on for half an hour before she finally asked, "You're friends with Padma, right? I'd ask her this but I don't think she'd appreciate talking to me right now. Could you help me with the assignment in History of Magic? I'm just not getting it."

Current mood: geeky

2:18PM - Reinventing the past

Justin was writing on the parchment almost faster than the ink was coming off the quill. It had taken all morning but he finally felt like he was getting this! Ernie had started out across from him but had given up right before lunch, loudly proclaiming that he needed food to feed his brain cells. Muttering something about having to find them first, Justin had waved him away.

Because a good majority of his classes were with Padma, thanks to his brilliant ideas last year, he spend most of his time with his eyes trained to the front of the class and, surprisingly enough, he found that he was able to concentrate again. Finally, after five years, he felt like he understood something in this place.

"Done!" he crowed, throwing his quill into the air. "I'm done and there's absolutely no one in here but I don't care. I'm brilliant and I understand everything!"

He made sure the ink was dry and rolled up the parchment before leaning back in his chair, grinning from ear to ear. One major assignment down, three more to go. Even the thought of tackling another confusing subject couldn't wipe the grin off his face. If he concentrated just as hard on the next one, he'd get it in no time. He was sure of it.

"Time to feed my own brain cells. I need some fresh air," he muttered to himself. He got up and began walking to the doors of the library when he noticed that he wasn't really alone. Just as he was thinking that maybe he could walk past without acknowledging her, she looked up and smiled at him. It was the smile that got to him. It was the same small smile he had been wearing since the year began. Feeling magnaimous, he lifted his hand in greeting.

Current mood: cheerful

Friday, January 7, 2005

9:16PM - A Day Outdoors (Year 4)

Tracy looked longingly out the library window as nearby Parvati and Lavender bent over their divination books. A sad sigh escaped her, unnoticed by the others. From here she could see both the Ravenclaw and the Hufflepuff Quidditch teams gathered with their groupies around the lake. It was a fact univerally acknowledged that those two houses had ALL the cute players. Gryffindor was girls and Weasleys. Slytherin was goons with the exception of Draco and everyone knew he was REALLY a poof. Poor Pansy. If she only knew she was nothing but a well dressed beard. The thought made Tracy snicker, and she poked Parvati with her elbow. It was frowned on that she hung out with Gryffindors, but it helped that they were two of the richest and prettiest girls in the school. Then again her house generally frowned on her. It was just a good thing everyone had learned it was safest to leave her alone.

"It's a nice day out. We can finish studying tomorrow." She hissed, rolling her eyes as Madam Pince looked over her glasses at them.

"But I want to finish this horoscope," Lavender whined. Tracy smirked and raised an eyebrow at the Brunette girl. If there was one thing guaranteed to make Lavender stop in her tracks, it was a boy.

"There's Quidditch boys by the lake."

Instantly two heads whipped around and books slammed shut. Parvati stood up, tossing her head and kicking her sister Padma, who was sitting with them, under the table. "Come on, you're coming too."

For some unaccountable reason, Padma blushed, and Parvati shook her head. "Come on, I know you're grades are important, but it's Saturday."

Tracy added her encouragement but secretly wandered how Parvati could be so dense. Even she knew that Padma was still totally in love with her last year's boyfriend, who apparently had dumped her. Tracy had to admit the fact that he had dumped a girl like HER interested her at least a little. Not that he was her type. Cute, but no money. His friend on the other hand ... if he wasn't so wrapped up in Mandy Brocklehurst. Then again they weren't dating. Even they said so. A smile came across her lips as they waved good bye to Padma and headed to the lawn. By the lake she saw him tossing the quaffle to one of his team mates a tall thin boy. She looked over at Parvati and smiled. "See? Isn't this better than studying?"

Thursday, January 6, 2005

9:16PM - Year 4 Quidditch Tryouts - Hufflepuff

Zach balanced casually on his broom as he surveyed the crowd jockeying for position on the pitch. It was mostly fourth and fifth years, with a smattering of third years and one or two sixth and seventh. He had his eye on a few people in particular, and he noted with saitisfaction that they showed up. One person wasn't there, however. At least not that he could see, and he frowned before shaking off the thought that crossed his mind. What had he expected anyway? He looked over at Cedric who was hovering near their keeper at the far end. The three of them were the only ones left from the old team. And next year it would just be him. He needed a good team that would last the next few years till he left. That meant fifth years and below. He have Cedric the thumbs up sign and heard his friend bellow goodnaturedly as he flew down above those assembled below.

"Allright, we'll have the chaser candidates first. We have a couple of quaffles and I'm going to divide you into two teams. Zach will be going around trying to judge your defensive capabilities and your offense. Meanwhile, I'll be trying out the beaters at the other end of the pitch. You folks ready?"

Thursday, December 30, 2004

8:53PM - On The Train (Year 4)

Lisa thought that if it was up to her mother or Wayne's parents they'd never be going back to school. Not after what happened at the World Cup. She and Wayne had been separated from the others and saw up close what happened to some of those poor people. It had occured to her that she should have been frightened, but if anything, oddly enough it made her feel braver.

Her mother however, was another story. Thankfully, Lisa's father was able to convince both her and Wayne's parents that the safest place for their children was at Hogwarts.

So she and Wayne ended up on the train waiting for the others. They were talking about nothing in partiular, but she knew they were both thinking about what had happened with Justin. She wondered if they'd even see him on the train. She'd talked to Padma for a few minutes, but her friend was joining the rest of the Ravenclaws in their usual compartment. The dark hair girl had been even more quiet than usual, her large dark eyes sad, but her chin lifted determinedly when she'd told Lisa she would be sitting with Terry and Mick. That said a lot, as Padma usually hated Mick.

She looked up from her discussion when the door to the compartment slid open. "Hey you guys, all ready for another year?"

Monday, October 25, 2004

1:17PM - Let the games begin

Let the games begin
"I'm sorry, mate, about my mother. Seems she's been forgetting I'm not eight anymore. I haven't gotten lost since then and it was really only the one time."

Justin looks over at me and grins. I could see him behind my parents this morning, grinning like a cheshire cat as they admonished me about checking in at the appropriate times and asking for help if I couldn't find my way back to the campsite. Embarrassing doesn't even begin to cover how I felt. Now, though, I jab him in the side with my elbow.

"Don't worry about it. My mum gave me a lecture on always staying with a group of people if I could. I think she's more afraid that I'll do something stupid and get in trouble. Like she has to worry. You and I are perfect angels."

Now it's my turn to snort. "Yeah, angels. Right. Just what I was thinking."

There are more people here everyday. My family, with our normal number plus all the friends and others who we invited, have been here for the last two days. So far, we haven't seen anyone else we know from school but it's still early days yet. Just as I start to say something about seeing anyone we know, I catch a glimpse of someone that looks familiar.

Current mood: ecstatic

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

9:05PM - Goodbyes at the train

In no time at all, I got my trunk packed and ready to take down to the front door. I get up to leave the others in the room, talking and joking with each other as they prepare to go home once again, and head down to the common room. She's going to expect me to help her with her trunk. I grin, thinking about how much grief she'd give me if I wasn't around to see her out.

"Where are you going, Macmillan? Don't you have to finish packing?" Wayne asks as I head past him.

"I've got to go--"

"He's got to make sure he's around when she starts to crack her whip," snorts Justin.

I quip back, "Jealous, are you?" He throws a pillow toward me, pretending it's a joke between us but I know he's smarting right now. It doesn't mean I'm going to let him off for giving me trouble about my new girl. "I told her I'd help her move her trunk. Go find your own girl to help move."

With a smirk over my shoulder, I walk out the door.

Current mood: content

Friday, October 15, 2004

9:51PM - Chocolate and Bunnies

It's the day after Easter, and half of Hufflepuff is still in a comatose state after eating too many chocolate eggs yesterday. For the rest of us, myself included, we decide to spend time after class enjoying the early spring air outdoors. I see the rest of the girls go outside without me and toss my head. None of them are really worth my time anway. Besides, while they gang together like a gaggle of geese it gets me more time to plot my strategems. Unfortunately, while the Marcus idea helped split Justin and Padma up for a few weeks in the beginning of February, they've been even more nauseating since then, studying together, talking in between classes. It's sickening really. Still, it gave me hope, if he could fly off the handle about something like that ...

He's been a little easier around me as well, especially since he still thinks I'm pining after Ernie. My eyes go across the grass, and I see Ernie sitting with Wayne and Lisa. Wayne's been wary of me since the incident with her in January. I need to be a bit more careful around him. I don't think he ever told Lisa, as she's still pretty nice to me. Nicer than the girls in my house anyway.

I cross over to them and sit on the grass, my hands sprawled back behind me. "Hey guys."

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The security restrictions are starting to get to me. I just want to go outside. I'm not going to run away and I've memorized the picture of Sirius Black, just like everyone else. What more do they want from me? It's been hours, days, weeks. Nothing is going to happen now.

Professor Sprout actually had tears in her eyes today when she caught me trying to sneak away from the group of students she was leading to class. I think she may have heard me mutter, "Give me a break," under my breath.

I normally sit in the common room and think nothing of it. Now I can't stand the thought of being in here. Quietly, I slip out of the portrait opening when someone comes in. They won't miss me for a couple of hours.

Anything is better than listening to the same conversation for the thirtieth time. Even the shadow of a drafty hallway with the murmuring portraits for company.

Current mood: mischievous

Saturday, October 9, 2004

8:18PM - Hogsmeade Trip

I tug on my cloak at Ernie's exasperated eye roll and attempt to look excited to be going to Hogsmeade today. Really, I would rather be anywhere but with my group of friends. Watching them pair off should be fun.

"You ready?"

"If you'd leave me alone, Ernie, I'd be ready faster. Listening to you isn't making me move any faster."

"If you don't want to go you-"

"I'm coming," I snap.

We meet the girls at the front door and I grit my teeth as I try to smile. They're all looking at Padma and I like they're expecting us to start clawing each other's eyes out. I can't look at her. It hurts too much.

Current mood: listless

Thursday, October 7, 2004

6:59PM - Quidditch Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor

The game is going badly, and even my usual ebullient cheering seems to have no affect whatsoever other than to make Mandy roll her eyes. At least at this game we're sitting together, and to my amusement, we managed to convince Ernie and Wayne to sit with us. Padma came, although she's unusually quiet, sitting with Terry behind us. I don't know where Justin is, probably on the Puff side, but all I know is that yesterday after class, Padma came back to the room in tears and would only tell us that he wouldn't speak to her.


The thought makes me look over at Wayne. He's different though, I can't imagine him purposely not talking. Even though he's quiet, he knows when to speak his mind. Ernie can't quite meet Padma's eyes, as if he knows something, but Mandy and he have their heads bent together instead of watchig the game. Probably plotting something.

I'm interrupted by a groan from my own stands, and I look up to see the Weasley twins belt Roger with a bludger. I sigh and bury my face in Wayne's cloak. "Tell me when it's over."

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

10:17PM - Library education

I'm going to study tonight or die trying. Ernie and I have spent too much time discussing Quidditch tactics instead of our schoolwork and it's starting to show. I was caught completely unaware today in Potions, earning myself an extra ten centimeters on the report that is due in two days. Great. I barely had enough for the requirements so it's back to the library for the book I thought I'd seen the last of. Stupid thing puts me to sleep every time I open it if I'm not careful.

The room is full as I walk in, looking around for Padma out of habit. She'd sleep here if she could. It's like she has to be near ink to keep her heart beating at the right pace.

I see her out of the corner of my eye, half hidden behind a shelf, and turn with a smile...that quickly turns to a frown.

Current mood: enraged

Saturday, October 2, 2004

9:04PM - Checking On A Friend

I'm worried about Lisa. It frightens me to think how close she came to ... I don't even like to think about it. Everyone is acting like nothing happened, but I saw how frightened she was. Wayne seemed to be the only one who really cared which surprised me. Since when did she become interested in a Hufflepuff? It's a good thing though, I mean anything's better than having to listen to her talk about the crush she had on Corner last fall. It's weird though, all the girls seem to be interested in Huff boys now. Guess that says something about the boys in Ravenclaw. I think I understand how they feel. The Huff boys seem more real somehow. The Ravenclaw boys are always too full of themselves, trying to show off how much they know. Anthony isn't bad, and he and I study together alot, but it's not really like a friendship. I'm closer to the girls than I am to any of them.

When I see them get up, I figure she's going back to the tower. I finish up my hot chocolate and after hanging out a little longer I decide to follow and make sure she's okay. When I reach the common room it's empty, except for her and Wayne sitting on the sofa. She has a blanket covering her, and she's snuggled up against his chest. She looks comfortable, and I feel a little jealous. Sometimes I wish I felt comfortable around someone like that.

She blinks as I walk in, then smiles at me. "Hey, Terry."

I sit on the ottoman in front of the two of them and gently tug on the edge of her blanket. "Hey, Lisa, how are you feeling?"

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