Lisa Renee Turpin (lisa_sfh) wrote in steadfast_heart,
Lisa Renee Turpin

On The Train (Year 4)

Lisa thought that if it was up to her mother or Wayne's parents they'd never be going back to school. Not after what happened at the World Cup. She and Wayne had been separated from the others and saw up close what happened to some of those poor people. It had occured to her that she should have been frightened, but if anything, oddly enough it made her feel braver.

Her mother however, was another story. Thankfully, Lisa's father was able to convince both her and Wayne's parents that the safest place for their children was at Hogwarts.

So she and Wayne ended up on the train waiting for the others. They were talking about nothing in partiular, but she knew they were both thinking about what had happened with Justin. She wondered if they'd even see him on the train. She'd talked to Padma for a few minutes, but her friend was joining the rest of the Ravenclaws in their usual compartment. The dark hair girl had been even more quiet than usual, her large dark eyes sad, but her chin lifted determinedly when she'd told Lisa she would be sitting with Terry and Mick. That said a lot, as Padma usually hated Mick.

She looked up from her discussion when the door to the compartment slid open. "Hey you guys, all ready for another year?"
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