Susan Bones (susan_sfh) wrote in steadfast_heart,
Susan Bones

Chocolate and Bunnies

It's the day after Easter, and half of Hufflepuff is still in a comatose state after eating too many chocolate eggs yesterday. For the rest of us, myself included, we decide to spend time after class enjoying the early spring air outdoors. I see the rest of the girls go outside without me and toss my head. None of them are really worth my time anway. Besides, while they gang together like a gaggle of geese it gets me more time to plot my strategems. Unfortunately, while the Marcus idea helped split Justin and Padma up for a few weeks in the beginning of February, they've been even more nauseating since then, studying together, talking in between classes. It's sickening really. Still, it gave me hope, if he could fly off the handle about something like that ...

He's been a little easier around me as well, especially since he still thinks I'm pining after Ernie. My eyes go across the grass, and I see Ernie sitting with Wayne and Lisa. Wayne's been wary of me since the incident with her in January. I need to be a bit more careful around him. I don't think he ever told Lisa, as she's still pretty nice to me. Nicer than the girls in my house anyway.

I cross over to them and sit on the grass, my hands sprawled back behind me. "Hey guys."
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