Terry Boot (terry_sfh) wrote in steadfast_heart,
Terry Boot

Checking On A Friend

I'm worried about Lisa. It frightens me to think how close she came to ... I don't even like to think about it. Everyone is acting like nothing happened, but I saw how frightened she was. Wayne seemed to be the only one who really cared which surprised me. Since when did she become interested in a Hufflepuff? It's a good thing though, I mean anything's better than having to listen to her talk about the crush she had on Corner last fall. It's weird though, all the girls seem to be interested in Huff boys now. Guess that says something about the boys in Ravenclaw. I think I understand how they feel. The Huff boys seem more real somehow. The Ravenclaw boys are always too full of themselves, trying to show off how much they know. Anthony isn't bad, and he and I study together alot, but it's not really like a friendship. I'm closer to the girls than I am to any of them.

When I see them get up, I figure she's going back to the tower. I finish up my hot chocolate and after hanging out a little longer I decide to follow and make sure she's okay. When I reach the common room it's empty, except for her and Wayne sitting on the sofa. She has a blanket covering her, and she's snuggled up against his chest. She looks comfortable, and I feel a little jealous. Sometimes I wish I felt comfortable around someone like that.

She blinks as I walk in, then smiles at me. "Hey, Terry."

I sit on the ottoman in front of the two of them and gently tug on the edge of her blanket. "Hey, Lisa, how are you feeling?"
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