Gregory Goyle (goyle_sfh) wrote in steadfast_heart,
Gregory Goyle

Heading Home

By the time the weekend rolled around, Greg still hadn't heard any news from his father. He'd heard back from Sabrina on Wednesday. Her letter, with it's painfully formed, childish letters, made him retreat to the lavatory for an hour at lunch, and when he came out he saw her waiting for him outside. She looked at him long enough for him to nod before he hurried across to where Draco was leaving class. The night before he'd written his father an owl telling him he wanted to come home for the weekend, in case he needed him. The next morning he received a short note from his father saying that would probably be a good idea and that he would send a carraige at noon.

He clenched his hand tightly as he read the owl, his eyebrows drawing over his eyes as he focused on the words. Beside him, Malfoy elbowed him and snickered. "What, Goyle, need someone to read that for you?"

The note crumpled in his hand as he stood without speaking, leaving his breakfast unfinished on his plate. As he headed off, he heard Malfoy behind him. "What'd I say?"

He went up to Professor Snape, who was eating at the Head Table and showed him the note. "I suppose this excuses you for the afternoon, Goyle, but I expect you to return by Monday, unless I receive further news, and you will be in my class this morning," his head of house said.

"Of course, sir," he replied, nodding and waiting to be dismissed. On the way out he passed by her.

She sat at the far end of the Ravenclaw table by the door, far enough that he could see her but not worry about them seeing her. When he passed, he tripped over her bag, long enough to slip the crumpled note inside. It would explain his absence to her. He didn't dare risk any other communication. The Slytherins would be suspicious enough about his absence, even though he would tell them the truth.

By the time potions class was done, he only had a few minutes to pack a bag and take a few of his books to study on the long carriage ride to the manor.

"So where are you going again," Vince asked, leaning in their doorway and munching on a sandwich.

"Home," he said. "My grandmother's dying."

"Oh." Crabbe didn't seem to know what to say. "Well. Tell your sister I said hi," he said finally. Greg nodded and brushed by his friend. He made his way through the common room with his eyes alert, and got to the front doors of the castle without incident. He stepped onto the path down to the front gates and froze when he saw someone dart out of the shadows.

"Morag," he said, looking around. "You shouldn't be here."
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